Exclusive Articles: Switching to MicroStation
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How Your Business Can Benefit from an AutoCAD-to-MicroStation Transition    11 Oct, 2017

From more flexible licensing options to increased competitive advantage, the payoffs are many for a company considering this major software move. More>>

CAD Manager’s Guide to the AutoCAD–MicroStation Transition Sponsored
CAD Manager’s Guide to the AutoCAD–MicroStation Transition    25 Sep, 2017

Get a realistic perspective of what’s involved in the move, the resources and support available to ease the process, and how MicroStation can actually make your job easier in the long run. More>>

Move Past the AutoCAD Ties that Bind Sponsored
Move Past the AutoCAD Ties That Bind   11 Sep, 2017

You’ve invested a lot in your CAD software -- but don’t let that cloud the reality that it’s time to consider other options. More>>

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MicroStation Maxine: Questions & Answers   6 Sep, 2017

MicroStation Maxine responds to reader questions about switching from AutoCAD to Bentley Systems' MicroStationMore>>

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Switching Is Easier Than You Think!   1 Aug, 2017

10 things that make it simple to move to MicroStation.More>>

Top 10 Powerful Capabilities MicroStation Offers that AutoCAD doesn’t Sponsored
Top 10 MicroStation Features You Won’t Find in AutoCAD    1 Aug, 2017

Streamlined deliverables production and native multi-monitor support are just two of the powerful capabilities that will make your CAD life easier. More>>

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