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Are AMD CPUs Finally Back in the Workstation Game? Article
Are AMD CPUs Finally Back in the Workstation Game?   27 Oct, 2017

Herrera on Hardware: After a rise and fall a decade ago, AMD now looks to Zen as the means to get back into the workstation CPU business. Will the company be successful and put the pressure on Intel? It’s looking that way, but the deal’s not done.More>>

Don’t Be Penny Wise and Workstation Foolish, Part 2 Article
Don’t Be Penny Wise and Workstation Foolish, Part 2   25 Oct, 2017

Now that you've determined how time savings can pay for the cost of new workstations, take a look at configurations suited to various workloads.More>>

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Good-Bye, Inevitable Crashing; Hello, Rock Solid   12 Oct, 2017

A proper CAD workstation provides much-needed support for SOLIDWORKS modeling — and even more so, for photorealistic rendering.More>>

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Don’t Be Penny Wise and Workstation Foolish, Part 1   11 Oct, 2017

Professional, powerful CAD workstations are cheap when you realize how much wasted time they can help avoid. Here’s how to determine their true value to your company and make a case to your boss for better equipment.More>>

NVIDIA’s Long Game Takes GPU from Graphics Workhorse to AI Powerhouse, Part 2 Article
NVIDIA’s Long Game: The Evolution from GPU Maker to AI Computing Company, Part 2   4 Oct, 2017

Tony Paikeday explains where NVIDIA is taking graphics processing units (GPUs), and where artificial intelligence (AI) will take CAD users.More>>

Workstation Reviews from Jon Peddie Research

@XI Computer PowerGO Mobile Workstation
By Robert Dow, August 14, 2017
Mobile workstations will never replace a monster powerful desktop with dual processors and dual or Quad AIBs, and a 1200W power supply to keep all that stuff humming. But if you don’t need, or can afford a monster system like that, then you have some very exciting choices in mobile workstations. Read more

HP’s Z2 Mini Is a Tiny Powerhouse of a Workstation
By Alex Herrera, March 20, 2017
With its capable, ridiculously small workstation, HP looks to cast a wider net on visual computing professionals. Read more

Giving Boxx's Pro VDI a Test Drive
By Alex Herrera, February 7, 2017
Can a Virtual Workstation truly provide an experience comparable to a traditional deskside machine? Read more

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