Workaround for installation error on multiMonitor@multiGPU configuration

If you got the error 1603 during every installation.

Tried everything described in help. Did dozens of reboots, changed every config and nothing worked.

Still see the report: AMD Install Manager was not installed.


Then you may use monitors on discrete AMD Radeon and intern Intel HD at the same time?

try this:

Disconnect the monitors from Intel HD and keep only the one on discrete AMD Card.

Then try to install again -> error, reboot.

Then try to install again -> install finished without errors.


Error installation report say (freely translated from German):

in Topic: Package for Installation

Subtopic: AMD Install manager

- final status: Not successf.

- Version of Element:

- Size: 20 Mbytes


All other packages are installed with final status: successfull.


Happens in 17.9.3, 17.9.2, 17.9.1. I think in 17.8 it was called AMD settings install failed...

Every time, since I use my Intel HD for HDMI -> TV and second VGA monitor.

This is more Energy efficient for my 24/7 PC, cause AMD GPU can idle RAM clock.


AMD Radeon HD 7850 -> DP-VGA-Adapter -> SyncMaster 710v @75Hz

Intel HD 4600 -> HDMI -> LT26M1C (TV mostly deactivated in Windows)

Intel HD 4600 -> VGA -> amw Standard Monitor @75Hz





PS: Hope this can help someone with this spezial problem