WattMan manual temperature/fan speed ignored

Driver version: 17.4.4 (clean install with DDU)

GPU: PowerColor RX 460

OS: Windows 8.1


I'm having a couple of issues with this card. I can't get it to comply with the WattMan temperature and fan speed settings. It goes well over the 40ºC target temperature without turning the fan on. Only when it reaches ~60ºC it'll leave the silent mode, which seems to be the default card behavior anyway.




I tweaked the Fan Min Speed and the Acoustic Limit to no avail, the GPU still ignores the target temperature. Is this a known issue of this driver version? Do you have any stable driver suggestions? I'm a bit tired of blindly trying driver after driver.

Another issue that might be related is that I was experiencing driver crashes and had to alter the TdrDelay to end those. Could these signal a bad GPU? I have reasons to suspect this card is defective.


Manual fan speed controls by third part apps like MSI Afterburner work. I'm trying to get it to work through WattMan alone though, to avoid compatibility issues. I should add I'm not using both at the same time, having uninstalled MSI to try WattMan.