WARNING: New ASUS Crosshair VI Hero Wi-Fi BIOS May Kill Your PC!

ASUS released a new BIOS, 1501, two days ago:



1. Update keybot firmware

2. Improve Overclockability


I downloaded it and installed last night, and didn't see any issues. Well today a few hours ago I started getting random BSODs, really weird ones like APCI crashing, kernel security breach, and APC_INDEX_MISMATCH, among others. That's the only thing I'd installed in the last week or so. So just a word of caution, might want to hold off on that BIOS, it's taken me about 5 hours to finally get Windows reset  because it'd BSOD before the login screen and safe mode on Windows 10 isn't  a simple thing to get into like 8 and 7 (F8 doesn't work). My last disk image was about 3 weeks ago, and I'm not sure what all I lost...


This was a bad time to find out all the scheduled backups I made to my NAS (every other day) were corrupted...