Warning to KODI HTPC users - you cant get BTB&WTW with new Crimson drivers.

What I mean here is that now AMD have foolishly removed all the useful stuff from the CRIMSON drivers we cannot now not force 16-235 colourspace in  dynamic range, this option has completely disappeared and you need to use third party tools to get this back (RADEON MOD). This is necessary to prevent an extra conversion before the colour space is output through you HDMI.


What does this mean, well if you wont know what BTB and WTW are then you dont need to worry about it, only gamophiles and moviephiles care about BTW and WTW / colourspace so on this occasion what dont know wont hurt you.


There are two ways around this.


1) dont use KODI, use KODI DS + MADVR or MPC-HC +MADVR , this buypasses this problem so you can stilll get BTB & WTW

2) use the app below (at your own risk). There is an option in the DXVA section to set dynamic range on and to froce 16-235 colour space.

3) set up your PC using YBCR and dont worry about getting better black and better whites


RadeonMod (Tweak Utility) - Guru3D.com Forums



I'm thinking about setting up a petition to get these settings put back in, if there is already one knocking about let me know.


ray_m - while you are conversing with the engineers about the H264 problem please can you mention this to them, putting this option back into CRIMSON would be a doddle, just a Matter of a toggle switch as its simple a registry key, 0 is 255, 1 is 16-235.