Visiontek R9 390X

I bought a visiontek r9 390x card, it lasted about 3 months before it overheated, because the screws vibrated out from the back plate.  I RMA'd for $47, they replaced it, the 'new' one lasted just a month, and the same thing happened.  so I crazy glued the existing screws so they wouldn't vibrate out, which voided the warrently, took the back plate off, all four corners of the board were burnt, so once again, the warrenty was voided.  I guess I was supposed to spend another $47 to ship it in again.  All they had to do was put Loctite on the screws, and they wouldn't vibrate out, but I guess that would cut into their bottom line.

I wonder if this was the reason that line of cards hasn't lasted very long, for a $600 gpu, it should be better quality.

Well, I suppose since AMD supports this lame company, I can't support AMD anymore after over a decade of being a supporter.  Good luck with Visiontek, they are quick to sell their crap, but they don't want to support it.

Darrel Cranston