update version 17

  • Windows 10 Home 64 bit
  • Lenovo Z50-75
  • AMD A10-7300, Radeon R6, 10 compute cores 4C + 6G
  • 8 Gigabytes of RAM
  • 1.90GHz
  • Phillips TV 1080p at 60Hz with HDMI
  • AMD Catalyst 15.20


                                             I've downgraded to the earliest version of AMD driver software my laptop can go to. I'm considering an update, but before I do that I want to know if the new update will DESTROY MY COMPUTER like version 16.11 did. I installed it once a long while ago, and my computer didn't work at all for a week. none of the apps of the simplest kind ran, and the screen was always suddenly turning green or black after a few minutes or so, even in safe mode. Only when I uninstalled it did my computer start working again, and just like brand new too! So I need to know, is this update even worth downloading? Is it as bad as the last one?