Top 10 Most Popular It's Alive in the Lab blog posts of 2016 - thank you readers


Since it's a Friday, I'll blog about something other than a technology preview.

Most people read this blog by viewing the latest article. As such, the blog's home page is the blog's most popular page. There's also the technology preview newsletters that get quite a bit of traffic; however, sometimes people use search engines to visit older pages. According to Google Analytics, these are the most visited blog pages (in order of popularity) between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 even though nine of these ten blog articles were published in previous years.

  1. Money: Faces on US Coins

  2. It's time for the talk: the wasps and the bees

  3. Installing the Google Earth Extension for AutoCAD-based products

  4. Mesh Enabler for Inventor Graduates from Autodesk Labs

  5. Lessons Learned from installing/re-installing my Sonos Music System

  6. Money: Faces on US Currency

  7. Project Pinocchio to graduate to Autodesk Character Generator

  8. Need Help Identifying A Painting? to the rescue...

  9. Have You Ever Played a Game Called Joker?

  10. Project Vasari 2.5 Now Available for Download via Autodesk Labs

Given all of the pages that have been visited last year, Google Analytics shows the spikes in visitation to the site that occurred when the newsletters were released:


It also shows that the US and UK are where most visitors come from:


And, here I mistakenly thought I was a ladies man:


Most visitors are about my age:


Even in this age of mobile phones, Windows is still popular among blog readers:


where Chrome (what I use) rules:


Thanks to It's Alive in the Lab readers who make the blog possible. Without you, the blog is like a tree falling in a forest that no one hears.

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