TED: Maurice Conti: The incredible inventions of intuitive Artificial Intelligence

We all know TED - Technology, Entertainment, and Design. As a design company whose software allows you to make anything, Autodesk puts the D in TED. My colleague, Maurice Conti, is Director of Applied Research and Innovation in the Office of the CTO. Maurice's TEDx Portland talk is up on the TED site.

Watch the presentation

"Over the course of the next 20 years, more will change around the way we do our work than has happened in the last 2000."
— Maurice Conti

Technologies like the ones Maurice describes are exactly the kinds of services that Autodesk will be making available via the cloud though Autodesk Forge. If something can take shape in one's imagination, it can be given form in the real world. Emerging toolsets will augment human abilities and help mankind to amplify its ideas.

AI is alive in the lab.