Survey: How can Autodesk Help You Address the Future of Work?


Imagine if your tool could be a true design partner. When selecting partners, we look for someone that would:

  • bring a wealth of experience to the job,
  • be curious enough to explore more alternatives for solutions to problems than we might ask for,
  • stay up late at night tinkering around with things, and
  • continue to learn and reflect as we worked on a project together.

As these are characteristics that we expect from people we work with, in the future, can we expect the same from our tools? At Autodesk, we’d like your feedback on when you expect such a future to be real.

What if Autodesk provided you with a digital assistant patterned after the way people currently interact with Alexa?

Take the brief 10-question survey

Thanks for participating in our survey. Feedback from people like you helps shape the future of our technology. Feel free to email any additional comments to or post a comment on this blog.

A study of the future of work is alive in the lab.