Summer of Fabrication 2017 Update

With Autodesk CEO Carl Bass' retirement, there have been some changes. Technical assistant to the CEO, Lucas Prokopiak, has moved to the Fusion 360 team where he will be a full-fledged Fusion 360 Product Manager. Congratulations, Lucas.

...and then there were three...

Arthur Harsuvanakit
Senior Designer, Arthur Harsuvanakit, was also a technical assistant to the CEO. He's been tackling new technologies and design processes by producing projects that showcase and communicate the potential of these technologies. His work improves Autodesk's understanding of what is and isn’t possible with our tools as part of a hands-on approach to improving our products and services. Carl Bass or no Carl Bass, that approach continues. As such, Arthur will be leading our efforts with the interns this summer.


Arthur is looking forward to our two interns' arrivals.
Jack Reinke
Jack Reinke is majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florida. He will graduate in May 2020. He was the leader of a 3-person team that created the first carbon fiber composite fly fishing reel and has a patent application in progress. Jack has been using Autodesk Inventor since 8th grade. His high school had a large engineering lab that allowed him to use CNC mills, lathes, laser cutters, and 3D printers. Jack will start his internship fully versed in Fusion 360 as he will have been using it for almost a year.


Jack starts on June 5.
Brice Dudley
Brice Dudley is majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. He will gradate in May 2018. He was a key member of a 4-person team that designed, made, and used a Two Towers Project — a tower system to transport multiple buckets of Ping-Pong balls within specific constraints, and a pinball machine with working mechanical parts built out of foam cord, hot glue, tape, dowels, string, and marbles. And similar to our previous interns' Handtriloquist glove, he designed, built, and helped code an exoskeleton robotic arm to help research rehabilitation methods for stroke patients. He also helped engineer a haptic bicep curl machine.


Brice starts on June 19 as the Stanford spring semester suns longer than Jack's.


Arthur will be visiting David Benjamin at The Living this month. The Living is an Autodesk Studio that explores the future by building full-scale functioning prototypes today. Their projects apply generative design, biology, and new materials to real built projects in the context of technology, culture, and the environment. So it is quite possible that our group of three will apply generative design to something that is life-sized in more ways than one. Stay tuned.

Intern planning is alive in the lab.