Ryzen Master Crash Recovery

Since it seems that my current, latest BIOS version is too glitchy for that type of overclocking (I think anyway). I've decided to give Ryzen Master a try for my R5 1500X on an MSI B350M Gaming Pro. Although I'm concerned that if I try to set a voltage E.G: 1.40V for 4.0GHz & my system crashes. Will it continue to keep trying to reapply that unstable OC upon reboot? I know that unstable OC's via BIOS can be remedied simply by clearing CMOS which I know how to do & have done many times this week already. I just don't know how Ryzen Master deals with unstable overclocks & reading the manual hasn't helped me.


P.S: Although unconfirmed by any professional yet, my BIOS refuses to properly apply any CPU changes to voltage or frequency. Attempting to do so either results in it working for a little while until shut down. Or it doesn't at all plus both HWMonitor & CPU-Z report frequency stuck at 1.5GHz & Cinebench scores drop from 790's to 200's. Even though at that same time BIOS & Task Manager claim it's running at the set OC. So I'm assuming it's just a buggy BIOS, if any of you have thoughts to offer on this I'd appreciate those too.