RX VEGA 64.. They were Sold out Before i could order one :(..If it's ok to ask I have a Question for the Guy's & Girl's @AMD.

Hey all, I'm so sorry if this is just a Dumb thing to ask but, I have Question I didn't know who to direct it to.



So as the Title suggests I missed out getting one, they were all Sold, Overclockers UK , said there were tons of people online waiting for them to go Live, I could of course Preorder the Card, and will if I have to, I have a Question for the people over @AMD, is there anyway what so ever of buying a Vega 64 Limited Edition Card directly from you?.


I don't know if buying directly from you is even possible, thought id ask, had my heart set on getting one lol ,  I do understand its not just me that might of missed out.