Recent AI Breakthrough has Autodesk Thinking Even More about AI

At Autodesk, we are working on Artificial Intelligence. Everyone knows you can make anything with Autodesk, and in the future, it will get even easier with augmentation from computers and robots. Check out what we've already done with Design Graph or AVA.

So yesterday, we had discussions about a breakthrough in AI and what it means.

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Today, my colleague, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Jos Stam, shared this story:

“Intelligence” is indeed an interesting topic that is multi-dimensional that cannot be explained by a one-dimensional curve. What is infinite intelligence? Moore’s law is reaching its limit for example nowadays.

Since Gauss was mentioned, here is my favorite story about him. While in elementary school, his class was assigned the task to add the numbers from 1 to 100. The teacher thought that would keep the students busy for an hour, so he could read the morning news or whatever.

Gauss noticed a pattern. The sum can be written as follows:


Gauss realized then that his final total would be 50*101 = 5050 — a trivial task, especially given the numbers involved. He handed in his result after a minute or less. Now that is intelligence in math at its best!

Of course, nowadays you just write a for loop with a += statement.

Thanks, Jos.

We are not wild-eyed as our enthusiasm for AI is tempered by:

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We continue our pursuit of helping people make more things, make them better, and make them with less, and AI is just one of the technologies in that quest.

The notion of intelligence itself is alive in the lab.