Radeon settings will no longer override games settings

Hi all,


I have noticed that ever since Radeon settings I can't get it to override any game settings and I have been trying  on all the betas that have come out for some time. For instance the game IL-2 BOS has a extra app called viewer.exe in the installation of IL-2 which lets you look at all the planes in IL-2 and rotate them with different lighting to help with identification learning. It now supports 4K skins but viewer.exe has no AA applied to it at all and overriding by creating a profile does nothing so I loose this great feature as zooming out there is no detail. In IL-2 on servers I play there are no icons and it's all verify by sight whether the fighter, attacker or bomber is a enemy or not and coming in very fast from a dive it's possible to not take the shot when it turns out it was a enemy.


Anyone know how to force it to do it?


The location of the viewer.exe is located in the following location on systems that installed the game through steam.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\viewer\Viewer.exe


I created a report to AMD so maybe in the future it will be fixed but I somehow don't think it's a priority so I am not holding my breath.


I also noticed that BF1 gets two profiles when installing Radeon Settings and a profile is created for Razer Synapse. Obviously the section needs a lot of work.




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