ProtoTech Solutions developed CADShare using Autodesk Forge

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ProtoTech Solutions is a software development and consulting company focused on engineering software. CADshare is a company whose service enables distributed engineering companies to work together like they are in the same building. Using Autodesk Forge, ProtoTech built CADShare, an ordering tool that features browser-based 3D visualization of construction machine parts.

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CADShare (the company) needed a browser-based application for construction machine parts that would render 3D CAD visualizations that operators could review from desktop or mobile devices. ProtoTech needed to develop the solution quickly, minimize costs, and provide support for multiple file types.

Forge met both companies' needs.


Instead of building everything from scratch, the ProtoTech team used the:

For example, they used the Object Storage System of the Data Management API to retrieve an Inventor file, convert that to Simple Vector Format (SVF) using the Model Derivative API, and then use the Object Storage System to pass the SVF file to the Viewer that creates WebGL so the data to be viewed using just a browser.

ProtoTech's solution (i.e., CADShare — the product) is an integrated viewing and ordering process:


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Request a demo of CADShare for yourself to see Autodesk Forge in action, thanks to ProtoTech.

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