Need help finding the cause of random blackscreen/freezes

Hi there,

My Pc recently started randomly freezing -> into blackscreen (no signal) -> into crash, In Desktop mode as well as in games.

Now I am trying to find out what is causing it. Hardware vs Software. Any help is appreciated.


i5 3570k

HD7870 (equivalent to R9 270X)

Driver: 17.2.1

2x4 GB (8GB) Ram

Win10 64bit


1.Eventhough I ran my CPU and GPU overclocked since 5 years with no issues, I set everything back to stock clocks to find out what is causing the issue.

  • tested Furmark for ~10 min, no issues.
  • prime95 for ~45min no issue
  • memtest for 6-7 hours, no errors.

The temps of cpu (max.70°C) and gpu (max.80°C) are fine too.


2.I recently tryied overclocking my DRAM for the first time from 1600 to 2133mhz, by increasing ram voltage from 1.5 to 1.6, and tested few rounds of prime95 and memtest

  • ^is it possible that due to increasing the voltage to 1.6, that the memory controller within my intel cpu got damaged somehow? But then, I just finished a 6 hours run of memtest (stock memory speeds) with no errors.
  • Would a broken memory controller result in random blackscreens and freezes?


3. The random freezing and blackscreens started about a month ago, maybe its the latest gpu driver`?

  • is it possible that driver can cause windows to freeze and crash, eventhough it is in desktop mode (gpu not utilized much)?


Unfortunately I dont have a second graphicscard to hand to replace and test if it is the gpu.

What else can I do, to find out the reason behind the blackscreen crashes?


Thanks in advance.