My @MTailor Shirt Fits Like A Glove


As I have mentioned before, Autodesk believes that the future of making involves 3 fundamental changes:

  • Products themselves will be smarter with enablements via the internet of things.
  • Processes will move towards automation via robots and greater efficiency through techniques like additive manufacturing.
  • Consumer demand will shift toward bespoke creations instead of generic off-the-shelf goods.

With this in mind, I ordered a custom-made shirt from Original Stitch and chronicled my experience:

The Original Stitch shirt didn't fit, so I repeated the process with a technology-based measuring process from a company called MTailor.

On Thursday, December 22, I received my custom shirt from MTailor — just in time for Christmas. It fits perfectly. Here it is, right out of the packaging:


Unlike with @Original Stitch, my sleeves are the correct length:


I received my shirt in time to wear it comfortably for long holiday travel:


...because when you're on a long flight, the only thing worse than a middle seat or a crying baby is a shirt that does not fit.

Recall that another tenet of the Autodesk future of making things is that computers and humans will work more in partnership. This experiment allowed me to see that my iPhone, which is basically a handheld computer, is great at replacing a tape measure to capture my measurements. When I tried on the shirt, the first words out of my wife's mouth were "I'm never going to buy you shirts again." So I guess Autodesk is right with our belief that bespoke products will replace off-the-shelf ones.

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