My 2nd MTaylor Shirt


Autodesk believes that the future of making involves 3 fundamental changes:

  • Products themselves will be smarter with enablements via the internet of things.
  • Processes will move towards automation via robots and greater efficiency through techniques like additive manufacturing.
  • Consumer demand will shift toward bespoke creations instead of generic off-the-shelf goods.


With this in mind, I ordered custom-made shirts from two companies and chronicled my experience:

My MTailor blog post had a link that It's Alive in the Lab readers could use to buy their own shirts:

  • If you sign up using this link, we each get a $20 discount.

That's right, if you use the link above, you get a $20 discount, and I get a credit of $20 towards a future purchase. Enough of you used the link that I got enough credits for a free shirt. I am wearing it today. Thank you It's Alive in the Lab readers.

Autodesk Forge is about bespoke creation. Customers and developer partners use our Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to create custom solutions, tailored to their individual workflows. These solutions fit like a glove. There are 4 collections of APIs that you can leverage:


Bespoke creations are alive in the lab.