MICA Intelligent Luxury Fashion Bracelet Stays Alert With Style

Arriving in time for the holiday shopping season, the stylish MICA (My Intelligent Communications Accessory) bracelet connects the wearer to text messages, Google and Facebook notifications, appointment reminders from TomTom and local business recommendations powered by Yelp, all via AT&T wireless data service.

Wearable technology has been steadily converging with the high-fashion landscape, most recently illustrated during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week earlier this fall.

One of the innovative tech fashions to appear on the runway was MICA, the result of a partnership between fashion brand Opening Ceremony and Intel Corporation.

The result of this collaboration was first revealed at the Opening Ceremony Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show in September.


Designed by Opening Ceremony and engineered by Intel, MICA integrates luxury fashion with technology. It officially launched today, November 17, at an event in New York City.

“MICA captures Intel’s philosophy that technology should enhance jewelry in order to make wearable technology truly ‘wantable’ in addition to seamless and productive,” said Ayse Ildeniz, vice president and general manager for business development and strategy, New Devices Group at Intel Corporation.

New details reveal core capabilities of the device: MICA technology connects the wearer to text messages, Google and Facebook notifications and local business recommendations powered by Yelp and TomTom.


Notifications are received via vibration-based alerts and viewed on a sapphire touchscreen display through AT&T wireless data service.

Features include a curated VIP contact list and customizable quick replies, eliminating the need to search through a bottomless handbag or interrupt a meeting or event to address a mobile device.

“MICA acts as an extension of a customer’s smartphone, for those times when it’s not convenient to carry one with you,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T.


Beyond functioning as a notification device, MICA plays the role of a personal concierge.

The bracelet offers reminders along with time-to-go (TTG) technology. This feature, powered by TomTom and Intel, notifies the user when it’s time to leave an event in anticipation of the next appointment based on location.

MICA also provides wearers with access to Yelp to search and find local restaurants and shops, as well as read reviews.


In addition to this technology, the design of the bracelet is worthy of any holiday shopping wishlist.

The unique design is composed of precious gems and Ayers snakeskin and comes with customizable digital wallpaper displays, all designed by Opening Ceremony.

Humberto Leon, co-founder and creative director of Opening Ceremony, said, “Today’s modern woman maintains selectivity and exclusivity when choosing accessories, and MICA embodies a beautifully unique statement piece.”


MICA will be available by early December exclusively in the United States at Opening Ceremony New York and Los Angeles, select Barneys’ New York locations and online at OpeningCeremony.us and Barneys.com. It will retail for $495, which includes two years of AT&T* wireless data service provided by Intel.


Marley Kaplan is Founder and CEO of mkThinkTank, a consulting agency that advises brands on navigating the emerging technology/startup landscape. Kaplan is driven by bridging innovation in the tech sector with the marketing landscape through creative solutions, such as Slashathon – the first artist-focused hackathon for former Guns N’ Roses musician Slash. All ideas and innovation welcomed, @mkThinkTank.


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