Maximum Effort


This is my Ryzen Build, It has been an interesting ride so far in her development. First there was multiple lost orders for the motherboard and then multiple DOA motherboards after that, but she is finally up and running and there is way more I want to do to her but I am very happy with how she is coming along. She renders video projects like a boss! I thought my FX-9370 was decent but this R7 1800X blows it out of the water! I rendered multiple items at once while downloading and extracting files and she never slowed down, hell I couldn't even tell she was doing major work as I was using her to do other projects! Let's just say she would have used up her 16 gigs of ram well before the processor would have started to bog down. I'm not sure what all the fuss was about the R7's not able to hold their own with games, I have BF1 (BF1 is major CPU hog) with all maxed settings (@ 1080P) with just a single R9 390 and my FPS floats any where from 90 to 120. Cant wait to see what she can do with a Vega video card (If they ever release the damn thing)!






CPUR7 1800X
CoolerCustom loop 360mm Rad and EK parts with chrome pipes
MotherboardAsus ROG Crosshair VI Hero
Memory16 GB duel chan @ 3000Mhz of Corsair Vengeance Red
GraphicsR9 390 8GB
Disc Drive 1128GB Samsung EVO 960 M.2 for OS, Drivers and Programs
Disc Drive 22X WD Blue 1TB Raid 0 for Recording
Disc Drive 34X WD Blue 1TB Raid 0 for Storage and Games
PSUCorsair RM1000
CaseCorsair 760T Black