Leading in a Global Enterprise Group Seeks to Learn from Autodesk


From their literature:

LGE (Leading in a Global Enterprise) is an experiential leadership development program started in 2010 to help high-potential directors and senior directors at Genentech/Roche North America lead within the many changes taking place in their business. The program focuses on preparing leaders for senior executive global roles by helping leaders embrace the changing business environment and lead successfully for the future. In this program, we cover a wide range of topics including global megatrends impacting business, the future of work, virtual collaboration, trust, innovation, and culture development. As a unique part of this program, we aim to provide both lecture-based, educational sessions as well as hands-on, experiential opportunities for leaders to be agile and experiment with the information they are learning.

One of the experiences incorporated in this program is field visits to disruptive and innovative companies. These on-site field visits consist of a small group along with a representative from the LGE program who would come to an office and get a brief tour of the facility as well as engage in a dialogue around change and innovation.

This group will be visiting Autodesk on April 20. I will give them a tour of the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco and share Autodesk's perspective on:

The list above encapsulates where the content will be coming from. Follow the links to explore for yourself. I am looking forward to their visit.

Entrepreneurial leadership is alive in the lab.