Kuli Kuli Bars: Buy 'em and Eat 'em - Your Body Will Thank You

The Autodesk vision is to help people IMAGINE, DESIGN, and CREATE a better world. Though not CAD-related, to me this sounds like its right in line with Autodesk vision, and anyway, it's Friday, so let's talk about something besides Autodesk Forge.

Our daughter, Stephanie, and her friend, Lisa Curtis, have been friends for a long time. Actually as grade schoolers they cowrote an award winning essay for an Alameda Waste Management contest entitled "Bobby and His Composting." Now they're all grown up and are off pursuing their dreams.

map source: Gearing Up For Africa

After a summer as an intern at the White House, Lisa joined the Peace Corps and was stationed in Niger. When her time there ended, Lisa and another one of my daughter's childhood friends, Valerie Popelka, started their own company. Now they're helping Lisa's former country-mates by creating a product that is based on Moringa, a tree leaf that is plentiful in Niger. Their Kuli Kuli bars have really caught on and allow Niger have a profitable export crop. You can check out Kuli Kuli:


The bars come in black cherry, crunchy almond, and dark chocolate.

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I grew up in New Orleans, so I am not always the healthiest eater. What I love about Kuli Kuli bars is that they taste great, and Moringa is good for me. Moringa is one of those revered super foods that is even better for you than kale.

As a Californian, I have emergency supplies for use in the event of an earthquake. I thought I was so smart. I stocked my supplies with a stash of Kuli Kuli bars. Alas, the bars have a "best if eaten by" date.


I'm only a year or two late. Though not all pictured here, I had 17 bars in total. Luckily, I can order replacements online or use their store locator.

So the moral of the story is buy 'em and eat 'em. Your body will thank you. Waiting too long turns out to be a disaster.

Eating right and timely is alive in the lab.