Join Us in Pursuit of Life on Mars


We're all aware of the Star Trek opening lines, "Space, the final frontier..." At Autodesk, we want to help people make more things, make them better, and make them with less. That's our earthly pursuit, which makes sense, since our company vision is to help everyone, imagine, design, and create a better world. But what if we wanted to help with something that was out of this world?

HP and Autodesk want to reinvent life — by establishing it on Mars. Welcome to the next giant leap for humankind. We invite you to join us for HP Mars Home Planet: a universe-changing design, architecture, engineering, and virtual reality project for the imaginative problem solvers and technology enthusiasts of tomorrow.

Launch Forth is hacking the product design and development process by opening it up to everyone — designers, engineers, technologists, and anyone who wants to solve problems, design products, learn from experts, and win a prize or two along the way.

As a provider of design and make technology, as part of Autodesk's efforts:

  • President and CEO, Andrew Anagnost, has agreed to be one of the judges. This makes sense since Andrew is indeed a rocket scientist. Andrew holds both an MS in Engineering Science and a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford University.

  • Autodesk’s Explorer-In-Residence, Jonathan Knowles, has been appointed to the project's advisory board. Jonathan is a primary Autodesk connection to NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Made In Space, and other organizations focused on space exploration and settlement.

Just imagine: Autodesk software will be used to design and create a city on Mars that can support a million earthlings. Or will we still call them that? We're looking forward to seeing the results in 2018 via virtual reality. It will truly be out of this world. With Autodesk software, you truly can make anything.

Won't you join us in our quest?


The final frontier is alive in the lab.