Is it wrong to feel like i was screwed over by AMD?

I started with nvidea and it was honestly perfect, but when i went to build a new rig, there was a sale for an AMD GPU that fit my budget that was the best pick or so i thought, since i have had this GPU (R9 380 Sapphire) it never seems to be able to get my settings right, no matter what i set my preferences to, particularly aspect ratio, it just cant seem to manage what im setting it to, if i want black bars i set it to preserve aspect ration with the proper settings in game and it stays stretched, and before when i wanted it stretched and i would set it to full panel, it would stay black bars. nvidea never had that problem with me and I can help but feel I was screwed over completely as it has just been completely useless to me. Never buying this crap again!!!!