If You Are Interested in Zen Did You Know It Will Not Run On Anything Other Than Windows 10?

The last time I posted this it was marked as "assumed answered" and it wasn't.


Others might want to bend down and grab their ankles or suck on the protuberance which is the Micro$haft, but if the question has not been answered to my satisfaction then don't presume to mark it as such.


If Zen or Ryzen is not going to run on Win7 then I am one of the 66%+ who are going to give a big one finger salute to both AMD and Intel with their Kaby Lake and stick to the hardware I have.


AMD, enjoy yourselves with your new hardware architecture and a dearth of customers.


Yes you will get new suckers to adopt it - about 32% of clueless idiots run Win10. They are hardly however those who are knowledgeable in the mystic and arcane arts of the computer (I'm autistic, I have what is known as Asperger's, did that come across correctly as sarcastic?).


With Win10 M$ tried a redux of the XBOX One fiasco and that really did work out so well for them the first time didn't it?


I build rigs to run 24/7 for years. My last main machine was up for 1,790 days 24/7 and I only moved to a new platform because of the advantages I could gain from it (mainly in the realms of energy savings). I have given Win10 a fair shake on my systems which are higher end, I don't build rubbish into my systems (as you can see from my AMD system portrayed here Silent Grizwald ) and I have yet to have Win10 run for JUST ONE DAY without a crash. In Win7 I can run my Intel i7 4790K system with a voltage offset of -0.1 Volt. This may not seem like a lot, but when I am gaming it means that the system uses around 50 Watts less energy and as my monitor uses 48 Watts it means that when I am gaming I get to run my monitor for free. Under Win10 I have put the voltage back to normal and it still crashes.


I have no use for an OS like that.


Why on Earth would I want to use that piece of unstable detritus?


And why on Earth would I ever be tempted to buy hardware that only "runs" on this piece of junk OS?