I would like to give Back... To the AMD community.

Hi all so I have been on the site today and came across a thread where a lad had come to the forum and clearly had a good experience/good advice etc. And decided to Give away His R7360, Witch he received from somebody else, His name was derrickgott007 I think.

So this in turn gave me an idea I currently plan on Building myself a RYZEN System to more fit my needs I have posted a thread on here explain that so I wont go on about it here, But what I thought when I read that thread is how much that simple gesture of giving something he may no longer need as much must of helped somebody just starting out in PC Gaming, I know for sure that Gpu in one of the first PCs I built would of been nice, Strait away I just thought well why not give the heart of my system away for somebody else to use ill list the parts and then my reasoning for wanting to do this.

CPU}..................Athlon X4 880K

Motherboard}....Asrock A88m G/3.1

Memory }..........8GB GSKILL Rip Jaws DDR3 2133 .All Red of course lol.

So I just want to state I'm not rich at all I have saved up for my RYZEN build a year pretty much but I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel couple of weeks all being well and she will be up and running.

When I sat and thought about it, How much these 3 pieces of hardware and others of course helped me learn so much Helped me Learn how to Video edit, Create content. In the end I just thought me being able to help somebody do what I did was worth more than money in all honesty.

I wont harp on about my next point as its personal really but I've lost a good few people that meant the world to me over just the past couple of years my beautiful Auntie, My Uncle and Grandad, I  have learned life not about material things. Its more bout being happy and helping others well for me anyways. That is the last id like to speak about that but I did want to mention it as my out look on life has change a lot for the better I'm glad to admit so why not help somebody when I can ay.


I wasn't going to post this until my build was complete but I have a latest date and its two weeks max as soon as my Ryzen system is up and stable. I would like to offer these I don't know how this works. If somebody could point me in the right direction maybe of some else that could seriously benefit from these parts id be much appreciated.


I'm sorry If I have rambled on I tend to do that.


I really want these to go to somebody that can use them like I did if possible learn how to Video edit best thing I honestly ever did in all honesty. I have all original Boxes for them so your welcome to then to.


Nearly forgot to mention I live in the UK.. I will pay to send them so need problem there.


Any help or direction is much appreciated..


I completely forgot to mention above the Windows 10 OS most likely be tied to this my current system so this Combo will also com with a full activated windows 10 key you will of course have to download the ISO from the Microsoft site.


I will be installing a fresh copy of windows on my new system so I thought id best offer this to, All together this should be a nice upgrade for somebody.