I put my r7 360 card in my older pci express 2 mobo and the displayport, hdmi and one of the two dvi's work. How to get the second dvi to work. All four connectors worked great in my other pci express 3 mobo

how to get all 4 in particular the second dvi to work for the fourth monitor to display in my asus pci express 2 mobo. In my asus pci express 3 mobo all four connectors worked great.


Also, i went into the bios and selected the internal graphics to work first and then the video card second but what happened was the amd driver was then disabled and the internal graphics only worked. This is on my old mobo where i could use both internal and external graphics but with different video cards.


Is there anything i can do to have both igfx and egfx to work together and/or the four ports for the 4 monitors (dvi 2) work on older asus mobo?






windows 7 ultimate 64 bit