How do you game?

The titular question is something I have been curious about for a while.  Do you game at your desk, or from the couch on a TV?  Is Freesync/Gsync important or is resolution/HDR what you gravitate towards?  What about audio? 



I personally game with my PC plugged into my TV.  Typically  I use a Xbox One Elite controller, but on games that favor a mouse and keyboard I also have a Razer Turret that I use.  I really enjoy being able to use the home theater speakers/receiver with games.  The audio quality is amazing, and as most game engines support directional audio, the surround helps in isolating where an enemy is coming from.  The subwoofer (Hsu Research VTF-2) plays down low enough 18 Hz to lose that sense of directionality and is something you can't easily replicate in headphones or smaller PC speakers.  I used an SPL meter and receiver to properly calibrate the surround sound for the room.  The PC also doubles as a mkv repository for my DVDs and Blu-rays, and can play games and movies with maximum sonic impact.  This is actually one of the biggest reasons I am and AMD fan.  They were the first to put HDMI audio directly on the graphics card (5000 series) without requiring a separate sound card.



While my TV doesn't support freesync/gsync(any news on that?), I find the tearing from high frames to be a minor nuisance and not worth giving up audio fidelity.  I find the input lag that can happen with vsync enabled more annoying so I tend to keep that turned off.  As I sit on the couch, about 10ft from the display, 4K is very useful for me.  Not only does it strain graphics hardware, but I doubt I would be able to notice a difference in picture quality at that distance on the 55" TV.  I did calibrate the display using the DisplayCaL software and an X-Rite i1Display Pro to ensure color accuracy and the optimum contrast ratio.  I don't have any experience with HDR, so I'm not sure if that is something I would be willing to update a display for.



While I like the idea of freesync and more refined control with a wired mouse and keyboard, the trade off for me isn't enticing enough to move away from the high end audio system.



Let me know what your setup is.  What are the must have features that drive your gaming setup?