How did those Autodesk technology previews turn out?


Technology previews are an opportunity for Autodesk customers to help shape the future of our technology. Based on the feedback that teams receive when they conduct a technology preview, one of three things happens:

  • Graduation

    A technology graduates when it is available somewhere else (e.g., App Store, feature in a new product offering, new cloud-based service).

  • Retirement

    A technology retires when the preview ends, and users can't get it anywhere. It may come back as another technology preview sometime later. It may show up in a future product offering. The technology is not necessarily dead, but in the meantime, customers can't get it.

  • Extension

    Sometimes teams decide they need more feedback, so they conduct another technology preview.

To see how technology previews have turned out in the past, check out this page:

See which techologies graduated and which retired

Look for future technologies being previewed that we create using our Autodesk Forge platform. Forge is a:

  • Collection of APIs that we use to build web services that we make available to customers and development partners.
  • Community of developers who leverage those APIs.
  • Fund where Autodesk makes grants to companies who are helping to build out the ecosystem around the Forge web services.

Web services are alive in the lab.