HD 8650G + HD8970M on Windows 10

I have a MSI GX70 3CC Destroyer with A10-5750M + HD 8650G and HD 8970M on a new installation of Windows 10 Creative Update.


The Problem on this new installation it says that there are no drivers for the HD 8650G and the HD 8970M is not working because of an error. So I tried to install these three drivers:

  • Catalyst 15.7.1
  • Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta
  • Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta

But with all these drivers Windows freezes after couple second when I login or when I started a game. Sometimes a Bluescreen Error shows up saying VIDEO SCHEDULER INTERNAL ERROR. Without these drivers Windows works fine and I can also start a game but it is very slow. Probably because of the weaker GPU.