Happy Halloween from Autodesk Forge

Happy Halloween!

Autodesk Forge is our collection of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that we use to develop our own web services. As part of our Forge efforts, we share those APIs (including documentation and code samples) with customers and 3rd party developers (the Forge community) that want to leverage years' worth of legacy and current data associated with projects.

One area of Forge is the Data Management API that gives developers a unified and consistent way for them to access data across BIM 360 Team, Fusion Team, BIM 360 Docs, A360 Personal, and the Object Storage Service. The Object Storage Service allows their applications to download and upload raw files (such as PDF, XLS, DWG, or RVT). Coupling this API with the Model Derivative API (another part of Forge), they can accomplish a number of workflows, including accessing a Fusion model in Fusion Team and getting an ordered structure of items, IDs, and properties for generating a bill of materials in a 3rd-party process. Or, they might want to superimpose a Fusion model and a building model to use in the Viewer (yet another part of Forge). [Forge]

Speaking of Fusion models, what can one find in the gallery that's related to Halloween?

Check out Autodesk Forge for yourself. It's not scary.

Scare tactics are alive in the lab.