Feedback on the new Autodesk Design Review


Yesterday I blogged about a newly released version of Autodesk Design Review.

It wasn't long before the accolades started rolling in. For example, I received an email message from Adam Hockley. You may recall Adam as one of the contestants who placed in our Project Photofly contest. Here are Adam's comments about the new Autodesk Design Review.

From: Adam Hockley
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2017 1:19 PM
To: Scott Sheppard
Subject: Design Review!

So, it appears Design Review is back? Fantastic! We’re going to try and see if we can utilize it during our Precon BIM Constructability Review process. Is it here to stay or are you all trying to see if people will gravitate to it again?

I was able to open up an old project. Back in 2010 (when I was still on the design side — I’m in construction now), we were using Design Review for real-time navigation of our projects. This was a test one. Some people online were baking their textures to the model, and I tried that and had some surprisingly good results. We were trying to find a good way to utilize a real-time engine that could look real and offer an experience for our clients like WestEast Design Group in San Antonio, Texas.

This is West Texas A&M University’s Centennial Hall in Canyon, Texas. Here are some shots of the model.




Still looks good in the new Design Review! It’s definitely running a lot smoother now than in 2010!!!!!

Here's how the project turned out:


Adam Hockley, Assoc. AIA
BIM Coordinator | Estimator
Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
8706 Lockway
San Antonio, TX 78217

Thanks for the report Adam.

In terms of answering Adam's question: Design Review never went away. The 2013 version continued to operate and continues to operate. This new version is an update to keep Design Review compatible with the latest in operating system changes. We envision people using Design Review until the cloud services meet their needs. The new Design Review facilitates sharing designs from Design Review to the cloud via services like A360 and BIM 360 Docs, but until users are ready to use it in that fashion, they can continue to manually share DWF files. Everyone will eventually get there as we are moving ahead fast and furious using Autodesk Forge in pursuit of cloud solutions while continuing to enhance and support our desktop applications.

Collaboration is alive in the lab.