Everything I Know About Dancing Fits on One Sheet of Paper

It's Friday, so let's talk about something besides Autodesk Forge.

In a previous blog post, I talked about how I am preparing for my father-daughter dance at her wedding in September:

My wife and I finished our last dance lesson this week. I'd like to publicly thank our instructor, Pam Drake of Dance/10 Performing Arts Center, who was very helpful and sympathetic to my plight. Her guidance and insight made the learning experience fun and productive.

I have captured what I have learned:


Now it's down to two remaining challenges for me:

  • I have trouble hearing the beat of the music.
  • When I focus on hearing the beat, it's hard to get the moves correct.

Fortunately, Pam has equipped me with the techniques I need so that these can be overcome with practice.

Two left feet are alive in the lab.