Dota 2 Vulkan running in Power Saving mode

Hello as you can see i create account to possibly submit bug, you have recently hixed high gamma/brigthness in dota2 with crimson 17.2.1 but when i start dota with -vulkan launch options i noticed it works bad, and i had look into the switchable graphic application monitor and found out when im running dota2 in vulkan it runs it in power saving mode/discrete gpu.
But when i run the game on dx9 or dx11 it works fine and runs on high performance. How can i change this? Vulkan used to run fine 3 or 4 crimson versions ago when the brightness/gamma broke it.  

Untitled.pngThis is dota when i run in vulkan, for some reason it runs in Power Saving

My specs are:
AMD A6-7310 with Radeon R4 Graphics. 2.00gz 2.4gz turbo

GPU: AMD R5 M430

4gb RAM

Windows 10 64bit.

crimson 17.2.1