Does AMD care? i wonder! But...

......actions tend to "speak" louder..


     Here's a short pointer of why AMD keeps staying behind..far behind, no matter how much people try to prefer them and and keep balance over the monopoly!



  • detects and adds in list recently opened apps, very few exceptions need to be added via browsing
  • Vsync used to and still working EVERYWHERE as intended, either adaptive or not
  • anisotropic filtering works as intended if specified for specific  app, independent of global
  • dual monitor setup works steady with options to calibrate
  • standard option to change resolutions and rates maintaining stability
  • can set up easily videos display values
  • every 3d setting has a description of what it does, so that a user can decide
  • Geforce Experience works flawlessly without problem either we use or not, the xbox dvr or other recording software or Virtual capabilities enabled.


All of nvidia's options used to and still work as they should for two decades, since 1997 that i first used a riva 128, even after changing their control panel !



  •   scans only program files or verified apps, so the user has to manually find the desired app/game to add it
  • Vsync does NOT work at all for years (ignore proof), leading us to use fps cap which is not the same
  • anisotropic filtering does NOT work as intended if specified for specific  app but only if set in global
  • eyefinity causes instabilities, resulting to 3rd-2nd or 1st monitor loss requiring system restart
  • NO way to switch resolutions, but only through windows personalization, which is UNACCEPTABLE
  • video setup does NOT work and demo is cosmetic only
  • NO video option describes what it does, while the few lines contained, do not help at all
  • Relive fails to work simply, and when it does, it does it for short periods, like it has its own will, while it requires on some PCs to uninstall other software or disable Virtual capabilities or xbox dvr


The CCC was far more reliable, serious, easy to use, without shiny useless effects, included more options missing in radeon software, even if a bit slower, but stability has priority over speed when it comes to control, maybe that's why nvidia works better always.


  Controling the way a device behaves, is very essential, and users who have knowledge about PCs ), understand very well what it means to have options to adjust several parameters, according to their personal preferences, so they won't prefer faster panel load-up of 2secs earlier over proper adjustment, unless it can be done without sacrificing it.


  After all these years, one would expect that AMD/ATI would have learned from their mistakes, especially when millions of users have shouted numberless times over the years and tried to support them, just to get a "talk to the hand" behavior. Obviously their merge has the opposite results from what we expected to see..sadly.


  In nvidia they're not perfect or saints either, but at least, they fix bugs/errors and provide the obvious options and functions, that's where they beat the "game"!


  A dissapointed IT user/employee