Do Radeon Pro WX 5100 Drivers Provide Per Channel Calibration Capability?

I'm looking to buy an updated workstation card and I need the equivalent of separate per-monitor, per-color channel manual calibration capability, an example of which is shown in the attached image.  It doesn't have to be exactly that; it could be table driven, but I have to be able to control it directly.


Does the Radeon Pro display driver for Windows 10 provide per-monitor, per-color channel calibration capability?  Ideally, if you actually HAVE one of these cards can you please post or point me to a screen grab showing the actual calibration functionality being presented by the driver?


Note that I do NOT want to know if a monitor can be calibrated and profiled using a colorimeter device. I have a very specific need for manual calibration capability through the driver itself.


Thank you!