Crashing and poor performance on RX 580

I recently upgraded my pc due to underperformance and crashing, and I'm still getting some of the same issues. I've had my graphics card for about 5-6 months, and upgraded the rest of my pc about a month ago. Overwatch was crashing every other game, with a "Rendering device lost" error, and I fixed this (temporarily) by changing my driver to 17.7.1. Warframe has recently been getting random low fps for a few seconds then fixing itself, with occasional crashing of a similar type, and Overwatch is back to crashing every other game. Whenever either of these crashes happen, Radeon settings crashes as well. I don't play many (stable and/or not early access) games other than those two, so I'm not sure if it's other games as well. Could this be a timeout detection and recovery issue? I haven't gotten a BSOD, but I do always restart my computer after this happens. High temperatures are also not an issue, I've kept a close eye on them and neither gpu nor cpu go above 70c under stress test loads. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.



Ryzen 5 1600 ~3.9GHz

RX 580 8GB 1400MHz

16GB DDR5 2933MHz

B350 PC MATE Bios 7A34vA6