clBuildProgram causes BRIG validation error

Hi Everyone,

So, I'll first post my system:


2x opteron 6276, 128GB ram, combined with R9 nano


-linux 4.10.17 x64

-LLVM 4.0.1 & 5.0.0 (git)

-amd 17.30 opencl framework.



(I narrow down the config to only load the amdgpu-pro icd file)

when I create a program which compiles on the CPU, it works fine,

when doing this on the GPU, it crashes with the following error:


Error in hsa_operand section, at offset 121368:

Address is outside of memory allocated for variable


Brig container validation has failed in BRIGAsmPrinter.cpp


what I tried:

- Mesa OpenCL (compiles, but does not show a correct result)

- pocl & llvm 5.0.0 (works perfectly)

- amdgpu-pro CPU driver (2348.3) (works perfectly)

-amdgpu-pro GPU driver (2442.7) same error as 2348, but does not show a CPU ...



also tried oclGrind and CodeXL, no problem there


I suspected the error to be somewhere with LLVM, but I already switched the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to LLVM 4, but it does not present any change.


Where does this error come from? and how do I fix it?