Can't install drivers for R7 M445. Catalyst or clean update doesn't do anything.


I recently bought Dell Inspiron 5567 (i5 and R7 M445) and for 2 weeks already can't force my R7 M445 card working.

First of all, I installed 4xx driver from here: Download Drivers . Rebooted, nothing happened.

Then uninstalled, Installed Crimson Relive, let him do his work, rebooted, nothing happened.

Again uninstalled, tried clean install Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers , step by step, disabled Windows Updates, cleaned all stuff, safe mode, etc, etc. Nothing. Happened.


How can I see that nothing is happened?

When I'm disabling my integrated HD Graphics 620, I'm having 1 Fps on mainscreen in Dota 2, my SuperPosition Benchmark doesn't load, keep saying to me you have no videocard and GPU-Z showing me weird graph when my Dedicated card working at 100% for 2 seconds, then at 0% for 2 seconds with fans for 100%, then switches back and again and again.


By the way, when I'm auto-installing drivers from Relive, my card name changes to M440 and GPU-Z shows nothing.



Hoping for help here.

[sry for my englando]