Availability GPUs in CE

Hi to all members od Red Team! Firstly, this thread is mix of my thoughts, that I have all the day today.

In my computer, my graphics card have failed (Yes, It was Radeon R270X from Sapphire). I decided to buy new graphics card, and of course I want to buy Radeon. But there is a problem, that I want to discuss with others. Here in the Czech Republic, it's quite impossible to buy new Radeon GPU, because in most IT stores are mid-range cards unavailable. Yes, you can buy RX550 or RX560, but if you want to buy RX570 or RX580 models, it is nonsense. The same situation is with RX470/RX480 models. Is this situation only here in Central Europe, or it is a worldwide problem? It is caused by demand of Radeon GPUs for cryptocurrency mining? Thanks for you thoughts and replies.