#Autodesk Office: Life on MaRS

With today's reveal of 7 planets that could support earth-like life, I thought it fitting to share this. Our team in Toronto is moving to a new office on MaRS. Though the name started as Medical and Related Sciences, the facility now focuses on information and communications technology, engineering, and social innovation.

Located in the heart of Canada’s largest and the world’s most diverse city, the MaRS location brings together educators, researchers, social scientists, entrepreneurs, and business experts under one roof. Founded by civic leaders, MaRS has a mission that is equal parts public and private — an entrepreneurial venture designed to bridge the gap between what people need and what governments can provide. [MaRS]

Check out how Autodesk Research in Toronto used generative design to configure their future (later this year) surroundings.

Using generative design allowed the team to juggle tons of variables and individual employee preferences with regard to:

  • Adjacency
  • Work style
  • Buzz
  • Productivity
  • Daylight
  • Views to the outside

Space exploration is alive in the lab.