Autodesk Innovation Genome in Practice and in Print

At Autodesk, we aim to be a trusted advisor to our customers instead of just another vendor. Instead of merely providing desktop software and cloud-based services, we aim to provide solutions. This is one of the reasons we have Autodesk Consulting in addition to a traditional sales force. To arm consulting with tools to help customers solve problems, we developed the Autodesk Innovation Genome.


The practical application of the genome is that our consultants use the genome with our customers to help our customers solve their problems. This often includes additional or expanded use of Autodesk software and services, but not always. Remember, our goal is to be a trusted advisor and not just a vendor. We want our customers to feel like they can turn to us for advice. This is all part of establishing relationships with our customers instead of just executing transactions. As such, an Autodesk consultant will help a customer pick a problem they wish to solve, select that as an innovation target, and then lead the customer through the Innovation Genome (ask 7 questions, rate the answers, and create projects) to arrive at innovative solutions. So far, the customers who have applied the genome love it.

By the way, Olivia Fox Cabane and Judah Pollack recognized the genome as a valuable tool in their book about breakthrough thinking, The Net and The Butterfly:


As a result, the genome's presence in the book was recently touted by Inc. Magazine:


The Autodesk Innovation Genome is one of the tools in the Autodesk quiver that we can use to help our customers when their situation warrants it.

Helpful methods are in the lab.