Autodesk Conference Room Bingo

Here's another blog post for Autodesk employees.

Yesterday when I typed up the Periodic Table of Reservable Conference Rooms at Autodesk San Francisco Offices, I thought to myself, "I don't even know where some of these conference rooms are. Our meetings tend to be in the same nearby rooms, week in and week out. Perhaps we should get out more and explore more of our office space? It would add a little variety to our meetings. In addition, we could perhaps meet employees that we do not know whose offices are nearby these far-flung conference rooms? We could form relationships that may help us get even more done."

With this in mind, I came up with Autodesk Conference Room Bingo.

[printable version]

Each time I have a meeting in a conference room, I mark an "X" on its location on the Bingo board. The goal is to complete a row or column. The more adventurous could even try to X out the entire board.

Relationship building is alive in the lab.