Any driver past 17.1.2 causes background corruption in DX 9 game...why and is there a way to use the DX9 part of 17.1.2 drivers with newer/updated drivers?

Any driver past 17.1.2 corrupts the 2D background images in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 which is a DX9 game.

I know its old, but I play in a league.

Its weird that after more than 8 years, that newer Relive drivers break a DX9 game....all these years there was never an issue.

Is there a way to keep my drivers up to date and still use the DX9 drivers in the 17.1.2 package?


Win10 Pro 64bit (with Creators update)

Asus Z170-A mobo

16gb DDR4 3000

i7 7700k

Sapphire R9 390x