AMPS : Background and Workaround for DASH Wakeup not working in Large Enterprise Infrastructures

WMI contains an event infrastructure that produces notifications about changes in WMI data and services. WMI event classes provide notification when specific events occur.

User can create a semisynchronous or asynchronous query to monitor changes to event logs, process creation, service status, computer availability or disk drive free space, and other entities or events.

In C++, IWbemServices::ExecNotificationQueryAsync() is used to get the callback in case of event creation/deletion/modification.


AMPS (DASHService) uses WMI event registration mechanism to get notified about changes in deployment classes of SCCM. We observed following issues in large scale enterprise infrastructure while using this mechanism :


  • WMI Event Registration failed. While registration for change in event for class SMS_ApplicationAssignment,  ExecNotificationQueryAsync() method failed with error code WBEM_E_QUOTA_VIOLATION.


  • WMI Event notification not received even if WMI Event registration was successful.Notification query failed with error code WBEM_E_CALL_CANCELLED.


AMD discussed with Microsoft about the same and filed following bugs for these issues:


Workaround :We proposes to increase polling memory per user and polling memory total to solve this issue as workaround.

Please refer to below blog to change polling memory settings: