AMD video card driver issues

So my problem has not been solved yet. I don't know when I can solve it. The problem is playing games without a black screen. For example, the best speed OL, the best speed 17. Mine is an independent HD7700-4G video card. I want to switch to independent graphics cards, don't you think so? OK, now I offer all the information I know. 1:AMD video card type: HD7700-4G

2: computer type: Desktop

3: operating system: windows7-64 bit

4: driver version: 17.7.2

5: computer brand: ASUS screen resolution: 1920x1080 60HZ

6: motherboard BIOS version: American Megatrends Inc.1302

7: motherboard type: ASUS motherboards, models: A55BM-E

8:CPU model: AMD, A8-5600K, APU, with, Radeon (TM), HD, Graphics (3600, Mhz)

9: Power: 350W

10: the amount of memory installed: 4GB

So, with these, do you know how to solve it? Is this AMD card driver version unsuitable for me, or is it unstable? Which version of the AMD graphics card drive didn't lead to a black screen? I think you should discuss the solution with other colleagues, thank you.