Amazing New Technologies From CES 2015 Worth a Second Look

The revered Intel booth let visitors explore intelligence in everything from wearables, robots, drones, 3D printing and a slew of new computers with human-like sense.

The “Most Eye-Catching” booth at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show according to Find The Best in Time magazine was Intel’s.

“Only one space in all of CES is both foreign and inviting, like a time capsule from the future that instantly feels right at home,” stated the article, describing Intel’s booth, which led the top 20 list.

“To walk through Intel’s corner is to experience the very best version of the show—the most eye-catching booth at CES.”

There was a 3D printed robotic Spider Dress with legs and it knew how to use them.

Computers you controlled with your face and hands.

A tunnel walled with enormous screens that literally put you into a real-time virtual world.

These were just some of the new technology experiences inside the Intel booth.


Dutch designer and roboticist Anouk Wipprecht’s spider dress is the ultimate cocktail attire. By measuring your body’s biometrics, including temperature and heart rate, it can repel or attract anyone within spider-arms reach.

“Fashion and tech are merging at the moment, beyond blinking dresses or cute skirts,” said Wipprecht, who demonstrated how the dress came together during a live appearance on CNET.

“I’m showing how fashion can be thought-provoking, something that pushes people to think and share their feelings.”


Rapper 50 Cent teamed up with Intel in 2014 to create SMS Audio Biosport in-ear headphones. These super-smart headphones produce exceptional sound and have fully integrated biometric sensors with a heart-rate monitor built into the ear buds.. The best part: no battery charge required.

Business Insider called it “a genius way to fix one of the biggest problems in wearable tech.” The headphones won CES Innovation awards in two categories: Headphones and Fitness, Sport & Biotech.


When MICA, My Intelligent Communications Accessory was announced at the 2014 New York Fall Fashion Week, it was a sort-of coming out party for fashion-forward wearable tech. It was born out of a collaboration between fashion house Opening Ceremony and Intel, which was announced at last year’s CES.

It’s a feminine fashion accessory with communications capabilities. It lets you get text messages, Google and Facebook reminders, calendar alerts from TomTom and business recommendations by Yelp. The bracelet officially launched in late 2014 and booth visitors can check it out at CES.


At just 6mm, The Dell Venue 8 7000 is the world’s thinnest tablet. The 8.4-inch screened tablet runs the Android operating system and is the first tablet to have an Intel RealSense 3D camera that lets people capture images with adjustable depth and focus capabilities. Ever wondered how high you jumped in that photo? This tablet will tell you.

The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern wrote, “In a sea of slim and speedy Android tablets, the Venue’s real differentiator is the group of stereoscopic cameras, which, in combination with Intel ’s new RealSense technology, brings photos to life in ways others can’t.”

The Dell Venue 8 7000 earned a CES “Best of Innovation” award.


While you won’t see it at Intel’s booth, the company this week introduced the Compute Stick, a powerful PC packed into a package the length of a car key. It can plug into an HDMI port and transform any TV or monitor into a computer. Compute Stick, which Cnet called, “an undeniably cool little gadget,” comes installed with Windows 8.1, has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and it has USB and micro USB ports, plus a micro SD slot for additional storage.true key face

Working towards Intel’s vision of a password-less world, True Key is a password-management app that helps relieves the pain of remembering multiple passwords by managing your codes and using facial and fingerprint recognition to authenticate your personal devices.  Intel is also working with home security giant ADT, to bring RealSense and True Key technology to your front door, enabling multi-factor authentication for a digital deadbolt.


CCS Insight called the Lenovo P90 is a “notable design win for Intel” for the smartphone’s giant battery and being the first smartphone with the 64-bit Intel Atom processor.

“It’s impressive,” reported the Verge. “The P90 Is the first phone running on Intel’s 64-bit Atom 1.8GHz quad-core processor, and supports LTE-Advanced (FDD and TDD), which offers theoretical download speeds of 150Mbps.”


Soon, leaving home without all those different power cords for your phones, tablets & notebooks could become a problem of the past. Wireless charging technology lets you place your personal device on table and start charging.

Similar to how the WiFi revolution in 2003 let people connect their mobile computers to the internet without wires, new wireless-charging technologies aim to free people from having to rely on their power cords at all.

Wireless Power, or “Magnetic Resonance,” is where electricity transfers safely between two objects through metal coils. Magnetic Resonance technology provides positional flexibility, charges through most tabletops, and can simultaneously charge multiple devices of various sizes and power levels.

In his keynote kicking off CES, Krzanich highlighted new wireless-charging collaborations including Hilton, Jaguar Land Rover, San Francisco International Airport and Marriott to deploy wireless-charging pilots.

Wireless charging stations could soon become common in airports, cafes, hotels and other public places. The technology can be easily fitted under existing tables or counter tops, which essentially makes them wireless charging pads.

When Hewlett-Packard executive vice president of printing and personal systems Dion Weisler joined Brian Krzanich on stage to show off their RealSense-powered Sprout PC and forthcoming line of commercial 3D printers, the crowd got a cumulative chill of excitement.

Inside Intel booth, people could see the Sprout in action. It combines an all-in-one desktop PC with a 5th generation Intel Core i7 processor and Intel’s RealSense imaging technology, plus a combination scanner and projector, and a touch-sensitive projection surface called a Touchy Mat. 


The harness clip in this baby’s car seat is loaded with an Intel Smart Chip, which has a built-in Bluetooth sensor that alerts your mobile device if your baby unbuckles herself, or if she’s too hot or cold or if the battery is low.

The most important feature, however, is that it will send an alert should the Smart Clip still be enabled while falling out of range with the smartphone, preventing a forgotten passenger left behind.

“I wanted something that would serve as a second set of eyes and ears, something that could easily and inexpensively be retrofitted to existing child car seats,” said William Edwards in Global News article. Edwards is a researcher with NASA’s Langley’s Laser Systems branch and helped invent the device.


Cute as a button but might enough to power the wearables revolution. That’s what the forthcoming Intel Curie Module aims to do.

At his keynote, Krzanich disclosed plans for Curie, a complete low–power chip with compute, motion sensor, Bluetooth Low Energy and battery-charging capabilities. And it’s the size of a button.

Its size and capabilities will allow innovators flexibility, low production cost and long battery life. The Intel Curie module can enable efficient and intelligent wearable solutions for a broad range of forms – from rings, bags, bracelets, pendants, fitness trackers to even buttons.

Look for Curie to factor into 2015’s “Make it Wearable” challenge.

A final tour through the Intel RealSense tunnel.


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