8 April Fools Tech Pranks To Make You An Office Legend

I know what you’re thinking—April 1st is here and you need a quick trick to pull on your friends and officemates right? Because we’d rather teach the art of pranking than fool you, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tech pranks that may warrant adding “Chief Prankster” to your business card. You can thank us later!

1.) The File Path to April Fools Hall of Fame: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Change all sounds to wilhelmscream.wav. 

2.)  Change all the shortcuts on a friends keyboard, then laugh quietly as they keep exiting programs every time they try to print.

3.) Who said J-E-L-L-O and technology don’t mix? 

4.) Pair your wireless mouse with friends computer and become their malevolent puppet master! 

5.) Mess with a friend’s Outlook rules so party music plays every time you email them. Here is how to do it. 

6.) Change the keyboard settings on a friend’s computer to the Dvorak keyboard layout and see their Word Per Minute drop like a rock.

7.) Strike fear into the hearts of friends by installing this “Blue Screen of death” screensaver on their unattended PC’s.

8.) Change every image on a friend’s browser to a picture of Nic Cage with this Chrome extension.

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